Auto Extended Value Warranty

Recently, the term extended warranty for cars has spread, whether you intend to buy a completely new car or have a used car and want to add a longer warranty to it.

For example, if you have a used car and you are out of warranty and want to have a warranty with the car dealership itself instead of moving to service centers, the solution is in the extended warranty for cars.

But some believe that the extended warranty for cars is a trick by agents in the local markets and the aim of it is to pump money only to the agent, but you get in return do not get a benefit, but is this true?

What is the Extended Auto Warranty?

It is a document similar to the manufacturer's warranty on the car, which extends to three or five years depending on each agent, and then the warranty period has expired and your car is out of warranty.

You can now buy an extended warranty document for cars by the same dealer in order to increase the warranty life on many parts of the car.

If something in the car is ruined or broken, you do not go to the maintenance workshops, but move to the dealer directly and repair it without paying money.

Maybe it's like insuring a car against accidents, God forbid.

Extended Auto Warranty Features

There are no arbitrary conditions

The extended warranty varies from dealership to dealer, but if your cars have traveled more than 200,000 km and are less than eight years old, you will have the ability to join this warranty.

Also, in the event that you are not doing periodic maintenance with the dealer permanently, you will also have the ability to join this guarantee.

Comprehensive maintenance

Certainly, comprehensive maintenance varies from one dealer to another, but in most cases all agents participate in free maintenance on the engine, gear, all internal parts and manpower, which is the same specifications as the manufacturer's warranty for the car.

But this does not prevent that some consumables in the car will not cover their cost, but will be at the expense of the customer.

Maintenance at any branch of the agent anywhere

For example, Ford provides in the extended warranty the ability for the owner of the car to move to maintenance at any branch of Ford at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council region, not only within Saudi Arabia.

Thus, if your car breaks down outside the borders of the Kingdom, you are now able to maintain it within this warranty at any dealership.

Increase the marketing value of the vehicle

Once a car comes out of the three-year warranty, the value of the water starts to decrease and therefore when you sell it you will not get the required financial value.

But on the other hand, if the car is within the extended warranty for cars, the buyer of this car guarantees that he will not spend a lot of money on it in the event of maintenance.

The value of the warranty is not large

You may find that the financial summit of this guarantee is not small, but this value may not be worth anything in the event that the car engine or gear or any of the basic parts in the car is destroyed, then you will pay more money.

How long is the extended car warranty?

The duration of this warranty may vary according to the agent, the basic warranty of the car is up to three years and another to five years, but the most common extended warranty is:

  • For two years or covering a distance of forty thousand km, whichever is sooner.
  • For three years or cover a distance of sixty thousand km, whichever is sooner.
  • Periodic maintenance, which includes brakes and car aids.
  • Additional warranty on parts that exceed the age of the Rustry Warranty.

When should I not buy the extended warranty for cars?

This does not prevent that there are some defects in the extended warranty, which is not recommended to rely on in the following cases.

A car with little maintenance and cheap

There are some types of cars in various markets that are common that their maintenance is not many or frequent, as the cost of maintenance is always reduced, and if any maintenance occurs that does not affect the value of the parts.

We are there for example talking about cars like Toyota Corolla and Hindway Elantra, in this case save money .

But if they are complex cars and contain many electronic chips and have advanced technologies and their value of speed is high, such as the German companies Mercedes, BMW and Audi, the cost of maintenance is high.

Low daily vehicle usage

Usually, the interior parts of the car are ruined by frequent daily use for long trips or in job tasks and not for hiking, shopping or simple rides.

Therefore, if the car is used, the malfunctions that will appear in it will be simple or traditional malfunctions and do not need to buy the extended warranty for cars.

Sell the car in the future

But if you are constantly changing and switching cars, that is, once five years have passed, you sell your car and get a new one, buying an extended warranty for cars will cost some money.

In this case, you do not get it and get the warranty of the new car.

What does the extended warranty for cars cover from maintenance?

There are different types of extended warranty that start with a warranty on the engine and gearbox, as well as the different, and reach the highest type of warranty, which includes all parts of the car, but the financial value rises.

What is the difference between an extended car warranty and a factory warranty?

The manufacturer's warranty on the car starts from 3 years or 60 thousand km up to 5 years or 100 thousand km, whichever comes first.

This warranty covers the basic parts of the car and manpower, but it requires you to carry out periodic maintenance work at the dealer during this period of time.

On the other hand, some parts that are classified as consumables, the dealer does not cover them at all, such as brakes, as well as batteries, wipers and many other parts.

The manufacturer's warranty is completely free and has no financial value except in the required maintenance such as oil change, filter and others.

As for the extended warranty for cars, you pay money for free maintenance after the end of the factory warranty.

In most cases, the extended warranty comes through the agent himself, or there may be another maintenance company that is also responsible for this warranty in your country, but they provide you with the same maintenance available at the agent.

Tips for Extended Auto Warranty

  • Find out if the maintenance is done by the agent or an external company.
  • Know the warranty terms well and what parts it covers.
  • You have to make sure that maintenance is free and that you will not pay money.
  • Some agents ask you to pay the money and then refund it to you again.
  • Choose the type of warranty that is right for you.