After-sales services

After-sales services from finance and insurance, which are additional services that come before completing the car purchase process to take care of the new car and protect it from any damage that may be caused to it and secure the necessary maintenance of the car according to the manufacturer's recommendations and maintain the market value of the car.


Shading Service

It is a thin transparent layer on the car glass from the inside, to reduce the damage of sunlight on the car upholstery and reduce the amount of sunlight that penetrates the glass and raises the temperature of the car from the inside. The shading ratio is determined by the customer's choice.

Shading benefits:

  • Clearer driving at some times of the day as the sun's rays in summer hinder the driver's visibility.
  • Keep the car cool at 60%.
  • Prevention of harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  • It increases the efficiency of the car's air conditioner and offers better performance, without exerting higher effort and thus reducing fuel consumption.


  • Made in the United States, AC Delco.
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays.
  • Color fastness.
  • Visual visibility.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • 30% reduction in sun heat.

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Nano Ceramic Service

It is a transparent liquid material that is placed inside on the car upholstery and on the exterior of the car to protect it from scratches, stains and impurities.

Product Benefits:

  • It adds a high-gloss and lasting touch to the exterior paint to look the way the vehicle was in the showroom, and lasts even after washing the vehicle again and again.
  • Protects the interior parts of the car such as cloth and leather and thus maintains its value for the purpose of resale in the future five-year warranty on the product.



  • Giving the car paint an attractive shine and a distinctive shiny appearance.
  • Protect the car's paint from rust, corrosion and fading.
  • Protect the exterior of the car from any surface scratches resulting from weather fluctuations or dust.
  • Protect the car's paint and exterior plastic parts of the car from the influence of sunlight and oxidizing substances.
  • Prevent dust, dust and water from sticking to the surface of the car



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Maintenance Packages Service

Periodic maintenance service covering all periodic maintenance costs specified by the manufacturer.

Product Benefits:


  • Savings in price to approximately 30%.
  • Protection against future price hikes. The expected savings rate in total reaches 45%
  • Adding the maintenance cost to the financing contract and installment the cost with the car installments in the event of buying the car through the installment system.
  • Preserving the value of the car in case of sale.
  • Maintain the warranty of the vehicle.
  • Premium maintenance packages give you peace of mind.



  • Quick Service
  • Transparency: Service packages allow you to know the exact cost of maintaining your car over the coming years.
  • Extending the life span of cars and raising their performance efficiency.
  • Enhance the value of the car when reselling.
  • Advanced equipment for vehicle inspection and inspection and qualified technical team for car maintenance according to the factory's recommended maintenance schedule.
  • The possibility of transferring the ownership of the maintenance contract to the new owner (in case the vehicle is sold)
  • Remind customers of maintenance appointments by email or text messages.
  • Add maintenance fees to monthly installments or leasing plan.


Extended Warranty Service

It is one of the types of warranty that concerns vehicle owners, and this type of guarantee aims to face the effects of breakdowns, which constitute a great economic and social burden, and it is applied through companies specialized in this field. This service allows to extend the warranty period on the car with the same terms and conditions as the manufacturer, thus extending the life of the car and reducing the cost of its maintenance. From this standpoint, the company adopted the idea of extended warranty, by issuing an extended warranty document, which includes covering mechanical and electrical parts for all types of new cars according to the terms, conditions and items included in each approved warranty document, which begins after the end of the manufacturer's warranty period.

Service Benefits:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Repair warranty for up to five or six years.
  • Maintain the value of the car when selling.


Service Features:

  • The warranty covers the same terms and conditions as the manufacturer, with some exceptions according to each policy.
  • Competitive price.
  • It can be added to the car price and in installments if the car is purchased at the installment price.
  • It allows you to maintain your car using genuine spare parts by trained technicians.


Road Assistance Service

It is a service that provides roadside assistance in the event of an accident that led to the car stopping due to a malfunction, for example: tires, fuel, mechanical failure, battery, etc. As part of our commitment to take care of all our customers, the Roadside Assistance Program offers emergency roadside assistance service 24/7. This service provides 24-hour responsiveness, safety and convenience as part of the roadside assistance program that is part of the purchase experience.

Service Features:

  • Towing and emergency towing.
  • Turn on the battery.
  • Replace the damaged tire (with the spare tire, if any).
  • Fuel delivery (up to 20 liters).
  • Opening the vehicle door after locking it (locking with the key inside the vehicle).
  • Delivery with the aim of returning the customer home.
  • Towing vehicles stuck in the sand.
  • Towing the vehicle in case of accidents.