N group Truck

N group Truck

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Product Code: N group

Product Description

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Interactive safety devices
Internally reinforced and reinforced door
Using the exhaust brake turns on the rear brake lights, alerting cars behind.

Seat belts with three-point ELR emergency locking system
Middle seat: dual-mounted
It effectively protects the driver and passengers during a collision.

Active safety devices
Front and rear drum brakes

Braking system that operates entirely with air pressure

Exhaust brake

Convex side mirrors to enhance visibility

Multi-reflector halogen headlights

Water jet wipers

Lamps linked to the exhaust brake

A cabin with optimal workspace
Cloth seat (key feature)

Vinyl seat (optional feature)

LED illuminated instrument panel

Storage spaces
Card holder
Large protective handle
Auxiliary interior handles
Keyset column
Tiltable compartment
More space and space for DIN devices

N group Truck

N group Truck